Impounding Bees For County Officials - No Trespassingby 628DirtRooster Bees   1 year ago


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If by chance the owner of these bees finds this video and is not on facebook you can email me at [email protected]

This was in an area kind of tucked away from everything but it was at a rather large county facility that is frequented by the general public so it posed a bit of liability risk for the county if someone got back there and got hurt. That was the whole reason for the removal of these hives. It wasn't necessarily the fact that someone was trespassing to keep bees because like I said in the video they suspect the bees likely belong to a county employee that would have had permission to be on the property anyway. They just don't have permission to keep bees there.

As I am not typically in the business of storing and tending someone else's bees we put a sixty day time limit for the owner to claim them. If they are not claimed within 60 days I will sell the hives to recoup my fees. Locally there are no laws or ordinances on the books relating to this specific situation so in comparison to local laws and ordinances related to other animals or livestock we are leaning heavily in favor of the owner of the bees to give them the best opportunity we can to get them back.

As an additional ramble/rant, every time I mention there being a price for something a bunch of people want to know what I'm charging. If I'm offering a service or product for sale I will of course share that price but with hive removals and other services the only people who will know those prices are my customers and my accountant. As I've stated before I'd be more likely to discuss my wife's weight or my mother's age than what I charge. Neither of those topics are on the table either so don't bother asking about any of them. If you are in a service oriented business of any type you need to figure out pricing on your own. If you are trying to get in a service oriented business you need to figure out what you're worth and not base your pricing on what someone charges half a continent away from you or compare your pricing with someone with a million times more experience. You may be able to charge far more than I can and I might cut you short by putting a low number in your head or on the flip side your experience may cut your value to bargain basement prices. Do the work for a while and you'll figure out what it's worth.