Danny's Coroplast MiG-3 SSC Combat Plane - Maidenby dbronst3790   10 years ago


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I was surprised at how well if flew despite my builder induced banana fuselage.

Took quite a bit of trim to get it hands off, but after that flew very stable.

Loop exits are dead straight, but if I pull them too tight it wants to snap. Maybe a bit less elevator throw?

As some maidens go, the engine ran flawlessly on the bench, but as soon as it was launched it flamed out.

Then on landing, my engine cutoff decided not to work as it had flawlessly on the bench. Oh well, no harm to the plane, these MiGs are tough.

Hobbico HydriMax 4.8V 750mAh NiMH Rx battery
Master Airscrew 8x3 G/F Nylon Propeller - This brand and size prop is specified by the 2009 RCCA SSC class rules
Hitec HS-82MG Micro Metal Gear servos - 1 aileron, 1 elevator, and 1 throttle
Magnum XLS-15A - This size engine is specified by the 2009 RCCA SSC class rules