[New My Fair Princess] 沧桑的浪漫 Arduous Romance (Karaoke, Eng Translation, pinyin)by cgem88   8 years ago


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沧桑的浪漫 (Arduous Romance) - Happy Birthday to Me!! =D

Word Meaning
沧桑 = is hard to translate since there's not a certain word that would fit the meaning. From my father's explanation, 沧桑 means "something that is strong and long-lasting for a thousand years or so." It's similar to the line "Objects change when a star anew itself"
Special thanks to Charis for the English Translation once again. It was a difficult song to translate due to some of the literary words that most common people don't often use. Remember to show her some love: http://www.youtube.com/user/charismile

I tried to include all the couples for this song so that I don't leave out any fandom for those who love each couples.

Hope you guys enjoy it!~ =)