Antique Jewelry Lathe [Restoration]by Hand Tool Rescue   10 months ago


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This tool restoration was on a 1920s jewelry or polishing treadle lathe (Model 29 1/2) made by the Goodell-Pratt Company. These lathes were made for light-duty use and came with a number of different attachements, including a buffing wheel spindle.

This specific lathe seemed to contain parts from larger lathes made by Goodell-Pratt at the time. Regardless, each part was in fairly good condition, with only the chuck needing some machining. The ring on the chuck was welded up and knurled again, but the steel became quite hard after welding and annealing that it did not turn out the best it could. I am not sure what the type of steel is, so it's possible it can air harden.

The original colours, as noted in catalogue listings were black and vermillion. I am sure sure if this grey painted base is original.

I made a dead centre out of case-hardened mild-steel.

I really hope to find the larger versions of this lathe as they had a full cross-slide that enabled you to do some nice metal lathe machining.

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