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MUCH of my CONTENT will soon be Behind the Channel Membership PayWall as YouTube will NOT let me mention anything critical of any criminal justice or political issues and/or events. But, as we all know, YouTube is full of music about violence and drugs made by many of the world's highest paid entertainers. Whether this works out not, and whether I continue to bring you my precisely researched, unique, and important content is up to YOU. Not YouTube or ME. I am willing to make it, YouTube will host it, but because Alphabet/Google/YouTube (owners of perhaps the worlds largest datasets) has not made it a priority to differentiate between my content and things such as Alt-right white racist nonsene (Trump, Fox, crazy black nonsense (Hebrew Israelites, dont show your ID to the police,) and actual "conspiracy" theories like BIGFOOT (OMG!) and "Ancient Aliens" (which do not exist) advertisers- who are only buying ads so that they can sell their products- can't be expected to do that work for them and many things I would like to say, which are NOT conspiracies, and are not even violent or anti-anybody other than the specific people I reference are not eligible for Monetization. One less blunt or 1 less cup of Starbucks, or one less (insert whatever virtual items people buy on those online game "communities" -what a joke- and you can support my expansion... or you can do nothing help usher in the "Confederacy of Dunces" The Choice is YOURS. I will have more info in the next few days.
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A few of the strange and shady stories centered around New Orleans' Cash Money Records- home of Baby, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G., and more...