Moroccan Spirit - Music for 1001 nightsby Damenauma   11 years ago


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Edit: I believe you guys from Morroco that it's not real Morrocan music, I did not create the album or name it, or have anything to do with it except uploading it lol :P
I think it's good music either way, but I can't tell you what it's really inspired by, but a lot of commenters down below have brought in interesting insight. Thanks for commenting either way.

Moroccan Spirit is a down tempo New Age / Ethnic fusion musical project/album by German musician Claus "The Brave" Zundel, Ibiza-based producer of Sacred Spirit, B-Tribe and other projects.Music is often characterized as quite different from other projects by The Brave. Claus Zundel combines traditional Moroccan music with moderate club beats and synthesizer enhancement. Only one album was released under the project name in 2002.
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