Michael Jackson || REAL VOICE [WITHOUT AUTO-TUNE] ♡by Lauren   3 years ago


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I really wanted to do a little tribute to this amazing man, as I grew up with his music around me.

The reason why I have now disabled the comments is because I'm getting a lot of "mj doesn't use auto tune" I've explained it in my comments below before they got disabled that I know he didn't use auto tune, the title isn't called "Michael Jackson with autotune" the word "WITHOUT" is there for a reason. Now looking back it probably was the wrong title for the video but I'm not changing it now due to the fact that in the title transaction is does already title "Michael Jackson without autotune" so I'm not taking it all down to change the title transaction & reuploading it & changing the title, if you don't like it well.. tough shit! Sorry but I'm not changing it to please some of you & please no more of commenting on my other videos that has nothing to do with mj about this video just because you got that frustrated with it! And for those who asked me how much I got paid.. Nothing! My videos are not monetised, I didn't make this channel for the money, it's all for fun.

To those who like my videos & who have subscribed thank you so much, it means a lot to me & a lot more to come