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Zach has been busy with his crayons drawing monsters and Reggie is intrigued. This is a fun, spirited song for kids to encourage drawing and art!
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This monster is never bored
His teeth are sharper than a sword
This monsters head is square
like a box and he doesn't care
This monster has big feet
He stomps them down when he walks the street
This monster wears a suit
He loves his cat it's pretty cute
I like your monster, Zachary.
Thank you, Reggie. That was nice
What do you think he sounds like?
Well, looks like i'm late for work again, Brian.
This monster has big eyes
He can see the smallest fly
This monster rides a bike
Rides around anywhere he likes
This monsters nose is red
It turns blue when he goes to bed
This monster loves his cakes
He eats a lot because he bakes
I like your monster, Zachary.
Thank you, Reggie. That was nice.
What do you think he sounds like?
I went for a very long ride on my bicycle, then i bought the ingredients for this cake

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