1940s Automatic Hand-Saw Set [Restoration]by Hand Tool Rescue   2 years ago


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This tool restoration is of a BeMaCo Rapid Saw Set from the late 1940s. I was surprised to find that most parts were made out of aluminum. This thing must have been pricey back then!

It really needed a good cleaning and some de-rusting on the steel parts. The electric motor needed to be rewired and I wish I had time to replace the original wiring, but it is now in original dangerous condition and I'll fix it when I find the foot pedal power switch. I like the trip-hammer action and I wish it came with the original foot pedal, as that would have made operating this saw set much easier.

I hope that someone can find the manual as I was taking a guess at how this machine works.

The parts cleaned up very nicely and I am glad to have these machine in case I need it.

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