Starting the Day at a Thai Primary School , Rangsit , Bangkok Thailand - How 'Thainess' is Bornby Ian Roberts   6 years ago


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I followed my niece's 5 year old daughter Annie to her primary school in the northern Bankok suburb of Rangsit. She attends a modest private Thai school where the fees are around 40,000 baht or 800 pounds sterling a year and the day seems to follow the same set pattern each day.

After observing and filming this at first hand it had given me a greater understanding of how the Thai psyche or the concept of 'Thainess' and a respect for authority and hierarchy - the 'pi-nong' relationship evolves and is programmed into Thai children via the education system. Each day being same same but different !

The children were uber well behaved compared to their western counterparts and the authority of the teachers is unquestioned and at the centre of the pupil-school relationship. Also interesting to note that British schools have almost become fortresses since the tragic Dunblane school shooting massacre in the 1990's and the thought of an adult videoing children and putting them on the internet would be unthinkable and forbidden in the UK sad to say.