Klamath Sheriff Finds Gavin in the Wilderness.by Gavin Seim   6 years ago


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We need to recognize when officers do the right thing, just as we do when they do the wrong - A contrast too our recent encounter with Boise Police... http://youtu.be/20kSGn1EVxQ

I for one plan to call the Klamath County Sheriff's office on Monday and commend this action - 541-883-5130

We're on the road and out in the forest around Klamath Falls rolling some footage. A sheriff rolls in and we aren't sure what will go down. We just kept the camera rolling as we rolled up. Watch what happens.

Officer S Leslie walks up and behaves just as he should - No belligerence, no asking for ID, just a quick chat to make sure everything is OK. This is a police officer doing their job, and since we often have to post videos of the oppose.