NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream + Lip Swatches || ALL SHADESby BeautywithEmilyFox   4 years ago


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Today I'm swatching all the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams on my arm and on my lips! The Soft Matte Lip Creams are one of the best lip products from NYX and some of my favorite drugstore lipsticks!
12 NEW SHADES: https://youtu.be/mizahIpQ7h8
The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are comfortable drugstore liquid lipsticks!

Cairo http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Athens http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Stockholm http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Zurich http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

London http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Abu Dhabi http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Cannes http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Tokyo http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Sydney http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Buenos Aires http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Istanbul http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Milan http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Antwerp http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Manila http://bit.ly/2X4I8FR

Ibiza http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Addis Ababa http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Paris http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

San Paulo http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Prague http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

San Juan http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Morocco http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Amsterdam http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Monte Carlo http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Budapest http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Madrid http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Copenhagen http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Rome http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Dubai http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Berlin http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Vancouver http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Transylvania http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Seoul http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Havana http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Moscow http://bit.ly/2J5uNYX

Ben Khan - Youth (feat. The Classixx) (Edward Newgate Remake)
James Hersey - What I've Done (Feast. Remix)
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures (FlicFlac & Bearson Remix)

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