Japanese Supermarket : Korean Beer and Sake 日本酒by FindMeInKurume   9 years ago


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Tonight I went to my local supermarket for a quick beer run. I often buy "The Hite's: Prime Draft". It's apparently a Korean beer, I became accustomed to the taste because of the price.
I enjoy drinking chochu with hot water and my favorite type is Imo chochu which is made from potatoes. It's a bit of an acquired taste if you don't like strong alcohol as a beverage. I started drinking it about a year after I came to Japan, and I really enjoy it from time to time. I sometimes mix it with some grape juice to give it a sweeter taste.

The Prime Draft that I am buying in this video is about 498 yen for a 6 pack of 350ml cans, not a bad deal at all =)