Learning to fly RC Sailplanesby Tibor Kertesz   9 years ago


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This video shows how I started to fly RC sailplanes,
without an instructor, we learned how to fly (obviously, we didn't know how to land so we crashed our gliders, many, many times)
Gentle Lady from CarlGoldberg
Something that I fixed (2M glider)
Sirius XL from Ripmax (without motor and prop)
Coyote from Bob Martin

The gentle lady is, for me, the best sailplane to learn with.
The Sirius XL sailplane is a good aileron trainer, but it's too fragile in the wing joiners, and it's ARF.
The coyote is a great classic acrobatic sailplane. 30 years ago it was the best with the SR-7 from Bob Martin.

Flying sites from the movie:
-La Victoria, loma lisa, Venezuela
-El Jarillo, Venezuela