Michael Jackson in Berlin, 19th November 2002 - RARE FOOTAGE - filmed by Tanja Kovacby TanjaMJJ   10 years ago


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In Berlin, on 19th November 2002, just two days before Michael Jackson was due to receive his "Bambi" award, I had the privilege of meeting him. On this occasion I was fortunately able to document my encounter. What you will witness here is a rare glimpse into the madness & magic that surrounded Michael wherever he went, from my point of view.

You will be able to see this as if from my eyes, and you may experience something of what it was like to be so close to the King of Pop.

During the chaos (and out of camera view) Michael gave me his hand to hold as we walked. He briefly lifts our hands into view of the camera, as he understood I was trying to record this.

I hope this video brings you further understanding of Michael's L.O.V.E and the power of his stardom.