CF-104D Starfighter 637 LN-STF | First ever display Sola 2018by Knut Åshammer   1 year ago


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The only airworthy Starfighter in Europe, meticulously restored since 2002 by the Friends of the Starfighter Association, based at Bodø in Norway. In 2017, after 15 years of enthusiastic dedication and hard work, 637 LN-STF had its first flight. The last time a Norwegian Starfighter flew was in 1983.

Now on 9th June 2018, 637 had its first air show display over Stavanger Airport Sola SVG, Norway. Piloted by RNoAF test pilot Eskil Amdal, the performance was a historic and symbolic moment of this incredible achievement by the Norwegian Starfighter team.


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