Big Model Trains Running Through The Front Doorby Jim Zim   2 years ago


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Every time I set up my big G-scale model trains, I create a different layout. This time, at my wife's suggestion, I run them right up the walkway in front of our house and in through the front door.

People are always surprised to see train tracks running all over the inside of our house, but you have to understand that it's not this way all the time... only for a few days at a time.

The star of the first half of this video is the Super Chief... a Santa Fe passenger train in the class Warbonnet color scheme. In the second half of the video, I hook my newest steam locomotive up to some brand new LGB passenger cars that I just recently added to my collection.

The operation of multiple trains on the same layout is made easy due to DCC - digital command control - which allows you to control each train individually. This includes changing speed and operating the horn and bell of each train. It's a fun hobby! As you can see in the opening shot of the video, the trains are controlled by an app on a tablet computer.

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