1940s Mini Band Saw [Restoration]by Hand Tool Rescue   2 years ago


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This tool restoration was on a 9in tiny bandsaw made by Duro Metal Products Co. most likely around the 1940s.

I was given this saw for free by someone who had no idea about the make or model of it. It took a lot of looking to identify this band saw, but it was Frank Howarth on YouTube that was able to point me in the right direction as he has two of these.

The paint on this was really poorly done, so I am glad I took the time to redo it. The table angle adjuster as well as the blade tracking adjuster were both missing and needed to be fabricated. I used what I had on to make those parts as I do not have a metal lathe or milling machine.

I am thinking that this saw might make a good table top metal cutting bandsaw, so I may get the proper blade for that and reduce the speed it runs at.

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