MY PET SNAIL!! New Morning Routine catching bugs with Adley in Hawaiiby A for Adley - Learning & Fun   7 months ago


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HEY EVERYBODY!! Are you ready for another Hawaii adventure?! In Hawaii I saw a lot of bugs, snails, lizards, and birds and I had so much fun getting close to them and seeing them up close!! Since animals were everywhere I wanted to show you guys some of the beautiful and weird wildlife by our vacation spot!! One morning when Mom was asleep Dad and I went outside to catch some bugs and we found some snails!! We wanted to make a house for them so we set up a table, bed, chairs, and living room for them!! We even got them some food, water, and some new friends!! We Tried to catch a lizard but they are too fast!! A couple days before we caught one though with my friend Dorothy Gee from the Bucket List Family!! It was so fun playing with these animals!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*