Are We Abandoning Mini Nucs? Steve Gets To The Bottom Of It! Goodgame Bees & Homestead July 2017by 628DirtRooster Bees   2 years ago


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Steve and Cindy of Goodgame Bees & Homestead paid us a visit while they were traveling on business through south Mississippi. They are beekeepers from the north end of Mississippi and are also a newer beekeeping and homesteading channel on YouTube. Here is the link to their channel. Go check them out.

This video is of an impromptu condition inspection visit to one of our dad's honey bee yards. My skinny look-alike is my brother Tommy who joined Steve and I as we did a little apiary maintenance. Tommy answers the question here "are we abandoning mini nucs" as Steve gets to the bottom of it during his investigation. We had a very nice visit and look forward to more visits in the future.

We do still have mini nucs and will likely return to them at a later date as we grow in beekeeping and queen rearing. Currently we are using three frame deep mating nucs instead.

Dad is out of the picture for the time being due to surgeries and infection. He may show up in some videos that were recorded prior to his most recent shoulder replacement surgery. We will update everyone on his condition soon.

The music in this video is from the Youtube library
Destructoid by MK2
Choose Your Path by Jingle Punks

This video was shot in July of 2017