New Queen Was Quick And Noisy - Watch Her Being Born And Listen To Her Singby 628DirtRooster Bees   4 years ago


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My good friend Chuck has his plate full with a lot of projects so I lent a hand to help get his bee hives in order and start growing his apiary. We started with three large colonies and split them each three ways to make a total of nine colonies. The new splits will all start off with virgin queens. We also got pretty good footage of a new queen emerging or being born so to speak and entering the hive. She immediately began piping and it is pretty clear on the video. She just sings her little heart out. So if you've never witnessed such you can watch her being born and listen to her sing. For sure this new queen was quick and noisy.

All these splits could have been placed in nuc boxes but there were enough numbers to put them in full size boxes as well plus that saves a step of moving them again as they grow.

Before I left we noticed and caught a swarm that came from one of these hives as it hung from a live oak tree about fifteen feet off the ground. He made me take it home with me as a thanks for the help. He also hooked my wife up with a couple more chickens. We went back later and got some blue laced red wyandotte chicks from him. This was filmed around the end of March.

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Tripod used in filming this with Iphone 6

Beekeeping equipment - Langstroth boxes