Impossible by Two Steps From Hell (Piano)by Andrew Wrangell Music   2 years ago


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Composed by Thomas Bergersen
Arranged and performed by Andrew Wrangell
Original Impossible by Two Steps From Hell:

Impossible is the standout track of the new album UNLEASHED by Two Steps From Hell! It's by Thomas Bergersen and according to the composer, it showcases a lot of the styles that have been very influential to him. The whole track has a Celtic flavour and goes through the whole gamut, especially in the middle section which I'd describe as a jig with a rondo-like pattern. So you get the classic Two Steps From Hell sound with the orchestra, drums and choir, plus you get metal, some sweet electronic style with a massive synthesiser solo and the very distinctive Bulgarian choir Thomas used extensively in his solo album "Sun".

Overall the track was absolutely my favourite from Unleashed after just one listen through the album. I love it! So I did my very best to do it justice in this piano version.

Full disclosure: I use some editing magic to make these videos as I don't have time to learn them thoroughly like I would for a concert performance!

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Please enjoy - IMPOSSIBLE by Two Steps From Hell!

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