Testimony: Teddy Hung (English Subtitle)by vinemedia   7 years ago


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Roanna Lee, Jacky Mak, Jawon Suh, and Joe Lee
Former Mafia Boss became a follower of Jesus Christ? Endless sleepless nights behind the power of a large gang?

Turning from Fisty heart to a loving heart, How the almighty God spent 10 years to destory and rebuild him?

Ever since Teddy joined his gang in 50's, he quickly became a Mafia boss by using his talented wisdom. He then started doing drug dealing; and spent jail time for 13 years since 1984. After his jail time, he started a large night club named [348 Disco]. Because of Dr. Parky, he started to get to know Jesus Christ by allowing churches to spread gospel in his nightclub.

During the 10 years reformation time with Jesus Christ, Teddy confused that he had lived 7 years as rebellion; God had been teaching him time after time; and he finally able to confirm that this God is undenible and His existence is everywhere. Teddy couldn't abondon God no matter how he tried it. Once, God has led his spirit to experience Heaven and Hell. Since this shocking experience, Teddy decided to reform his life 180 degrees. (Translated by Andy Lo)