May 13, 2018 Mother's Day Ride - NEW Stage 2 Cam Kit & Slip-Ons!by John O'Neill   2 years ago


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The big day finally came and went this past Saturday afternoon, when I picked up my bike at HD of Charlotte in Matthews, NC after the installation of the Stage 2 High Torque camshaft, the Pro-Street tuner, the Smart Tune Pro (auto tune), the Vance & Hines 300 Eliminator slip on mufflers and a set of handlebar risers. Needless to say, the bike now runs and sounds like a BEAST!!!!! This video was taken on Mother's Day with the specific intention of reporting to my followers and anyone else who may be interested in upgrading their new Softail my utilizing my own research and conclusions leading up to the creation of this bike as it is now.

While going over all of the previous improvements, I forgot to mention that I had the HD factory cruise control installed as well when I purchased the bike in December, 2017 along with all of the other touring amenities. This motorcycle is absolutely bad-ass!