Bees All Day!! Feral Bees In A Garage, Bees In A Shed & Bees In A Bird House I've Dubbed Bird Hiveby 628DirtRooster Bees   2 years ago


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How we would love to make our lives one big adventure! Sadly we can't but on days when we're not doing the necessary things to make the world go round for our family I like to pack in as much fun as I can into one day. Bees All Day is literally what July 29th was for me. I couldn't show everything due to time limitations. As you can imagine, it's sometimes tough to work and video record at the same time. This video was edited down from 2.5 hours of video footage from that day.

First was an inspection of a feral bee colony in a garage wall of a rental property. The property owner agreed to our live bee removal price which I won't reveal for several reasons. Maybe I'll do a video about that eventually. This Italian honey bee hive will probably be a sizable one occupying one 16" stud cavity and likely extending from the top plate to withing a couple of feet from the floor.

Second was the feral honey bee colony live removal from the shed door. It poured raining on me for part of it and drizzled for the rest. Ordinarily I probably wouldn't have enjoyed that but it did help keep me cool for a couple of hours. The inside panel of the door was drywall. I left it off after the job so that the property owner could easily see how many bees I left behind. Also he really needed to put plywood back instead of drywall. He was trying to work in that shed and didn't want to get near the bees.

The last stop of the day was the "bird hive" removal from private property next to Family Worship Center. The church did get the property owner's permission before we removed the box. I also know the owner of the property. Many years ago I overlaid that driveway with washout for him. I'm surprised he hadn't removed the box himself. I'll do a cut out of this bird house and record it for you.

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