Unboxing of Mitsun Portable Bluetooth DVD Player, MP3/CD, AM/FM Radio, Tape Casetteby LN TraCricEd   2 years ago


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This video is #Unboxing (or #HowTo use) of #Mitsun Portable #DVD Player (#Sound #Box) with #bluetooth and remote control. Mitsun model: MIT BT 777 is the latest model in this electronic gadget set.

This gadget has the following slots for the storage devices: For SD cards, MS/MMC ports, USB drive ports, slots for earphones, headsets, MP3/CD player, tape casettes slots and much more. The buttons looks cosy and easy to use. Also it seems to be similar to other #electronic gadgets like #Philips #Samsung #LG etc. and sound is also great #Home #Theatre
The price of this device is Rs.5000 and looks worth the money. Please stay tuned for a month working review.

From #Wikipedia: A portable DVD Player is a mobile, battery powered DVD player in the format of a mobile device. Many recent players play files from #USB flash drives and SD cards.Portable DVD players were created in order to aid the ability to watch DVDs away from home. They were created in 1998, first introduced by Panasonic. They are practical for on the go use, and many perform secondary functions such as playing music from audio CDs and displaying images from digital cameras or camcorders. Many consumers use portable DVD players while travelling, including on buses, trains and long international air flights.
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