TR3*4*6*7 Spitfire GT6 Ferrari Dino Olds 442 Dodge Challenger Acceleratingby Julius Abellera   7 years ago


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22 Triumphs accelerate as they jocky for position (action & sounds start @:50 sec mark) 2*TR6 side by side @70 mph their exhaust notes create a distinct harmonic balance you can hear them (starting at 5:32 mark) and see couple moves getting through traffic congestion (starts at 7:49 mark) as Triumph Saturn Sky & Dodge Challenger Touring caravan to Cambria & Big Sur via Hwy 101 & PCHwy 1 for weekend also Triumph joined by Jensen Healey Ferrari Dino Saturn Sky Olds 442 for Rallye on Angeles Crest Hwy 2 the look, feel, sound of British Exhaust.