Victory & Indian Motorcycle Demo Ride; 23000 miles 8 weeks in 3 minsby Angela Murray   4 years ago


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23000 miles condensed into 3 minutes!
Victory Motorcycles, Indian Motorcycles and Cycle Works of Alberta teamed up with us for The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride.

8 weeks of riding from Coast to Coast across Canada, crossing into the United States at Maine and riding to Sturgis South Dakota.

A quick synopsis of the Demo Ride, places we rode to, people we met along the way and dealerships we stopped at, everyone was super friendly and happy to sign the map.

Season 4 "On the Backroads" will be coming out in the new year, 2016 featuring The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride.

Many untold stories and experiences will be debuted with Season 4.

Proud to be partners with Cycle Works of Alberta, here's to next year guys!!

I have been an ambassador for Indian Motorcycle of Calgary and Edmonton since 2015 - receiving a brand new motorcycle every year to demo, promote, review and of course ride the iconic beasts every where I can.

For those wondering what what happened to Ride Stop n Go & Troy, life... life happened. I enjoyed riding many thousands of miles with him but we both are on different paths now!

I have started a motorcycle tour company with my much older brother, we tour around Western Canada, Baja, Alaska and Eastern Canada.

Ride Safe & Have Fun!

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