United We Stand - Divided We Fall by Two Steps From Hell (Piano)by Andrew Wrangell Music   2 years ago


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Composed by Thomas Bergersen
Arranged and performed by Andrew Wrangell
Original United We Stand - Divided We Fall by Thomas Bergersen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O6Q1OiF6LI

United We Stand - Divided We Fall is one of the biggest, most intense tracks ever put out by Two Steps From Hell. And that's why it's my favourite TSFH track OF ALL TIME!

I feel like United We Stand - Divided We Fall is possibly the peak intensity ever reached by Two Steps From Hell. It gets bigger and bigger, and just when you think it's got to its highest intensity, it ramps up again. Incredible music.

One time I went running while listening to this track and when the music ended, I had run so fast that I had to rest until I got home. It's just such an awesome, inspiring piece of music. My favourite part is when Merethe Soltvedt hits the high E two octaves above middle C. That's INSANE. The normal soprano range is up to the G below that, so Merethe's range in this song goes nine semitones higher than normal soprano range. That's ridiculous and incredible! And it makes the track that much better.

So I hope that you enjoy this - I did my best to bring out the intensity of the music, especially with the intense drumming at the end. These are some of the fastest repeated notes I've played in a video and I think the only other time I've done anything close to this was for The Poet and the Pendulum by Nightwish, but United We Stand - Divided We Fall is a few clicks faster! So that makes it the fastest repeated notes I've played in a video to date.

This video was a labour of love so I really hope that you enjoy it!

Full disclosure: I use some editing magic to make these videos as I don't have time to learn them thoroughly like I would for a concert performance!

Thomas Bergersen's tracks are my favourite trailer music without a doubt. The way he crafts this epic music is incredible and it's an absolute pleasure to arrange it for piano, it works so well! I try my best to get that big sound too!

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Please enjoy - UNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE FALL by Two Steps From Hell!

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