Antique Flamethrower [Restoration]by Hand Tool Rescue   2 years ago


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This "Little Giant" flamethrower/flame gun was made by the Hauck MFG. Co from the 1930s-1950s. The tool restoration was pretty straight forward, but the operation was not.

I used high-heat oil-and-gas resistant paint wherever possible. The red handle is not the original colour, I just thought it looked nice. It was nice to see that the pump still had compression and the pressure gauge still worked.

Operating this thing is not all. The shutoff valve is so far from the spout that there is a lot of kerosene left in the piping that needs to burn off before it shuts off. The flamethrower was still burning ~5min after I turned it off. I tested that valve and it works just fine, so the burning is just part of it's function. I couldn't use it for very long as there is a fire ban in my area and kerosene is much harder to put out than gasoline.

This was a fun local find here in Saskatoon. I will probably put this one up for sale.

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