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Fly with me. Soar with me. Piano sheet music: https://gum.co/BxZVQ
Artwork: "Dawn Patrol" by Sandara https://sandara.deviantart.com
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I've loved fantasy stories and movies since I was very very young, so it's an absolute pleasure to imagine those kinds of amazing worlds and write music that could be a soundtrack for such a story. I've always been fascinated by creatures like dragons and gryphons, so I found this beautiful art piece and the artist, Sandara, very kindly allowed me to use it here! Check out her Deviantart: https://sandara.deviantart.com

I want to see more high fantasy movies with creatures like this! What happened to those movies? I need them to be brought back! The Warcraft movie had a cool gryphon, but my favourite gryphons in any film yet are the gryphons in Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Prince Caspian had an amazing dragon too. So that should give you an idea of why I named this track "Soar With Me"! I love imagining these amazing creatures flying, and how that would feel. I really hope that you enjoy the orchestral version!

I absolutely love writing this kind of epic music and I am very honoured that my patrons support it. I'm incredibly lucky!

Previous video: Soar With Me by Andrew Wrangell (Piano) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFdFfvgOaDE

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