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Hippy Hoppy Show presents their original learning song Wild Animals. Go on a safari tour in the forest with Hippy and Hoppy as you learn about the different wild animals living in the jungle.
Have fun as you learn about all the wild animals and have a great time with Hippy and Hoppy.►https://youtu.be/yOr4SiX-dAI?list=PLfOEHdfOD7MFyB1JeAjbZhYUJDSlZYP5C►


In the jungle they roam free,
In the jungle they're happy.
Wild elephants and tigers too,
And monkeys live here not the zoo.

Some live in deserts and roam wild,
Coyote lizards have places to hide.
In the mountains wolves do roam,
Bears and wild cats call it their home.

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