Two-Man Chainsaw - Carburetor & Muffler [Restoration]by Hand Tool Rescue   8 months ago


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The time has come for this chainsaw restoration. This specific saw restoration is for me and I have been wanting to get to this tool for a long time. I started the disassembly in November 2018 and had to wait a while for some rare parts to arrive. This chainsaw is a McCulloch 99 two-man chainsaw made in 1954. The engine is 161cc and the powerhead alone is 51lbs making it one of the largest production chainsaws ever and the largest in McCulloch's production line at the time.

In this video, I focus on the complicated carburetor and broken muffler. The carburetor is uniquely designed by McCulloch to ensure the chainsaw always has a reason to not start or run. It is a labyrinth of small holes and tubes that I hopefully fully cleaned. My main concern is that I won't know I did something wrong until I try and run the saw. I had to make a new gasket with some new carburetor diaphragm material that I found online as I did not trust the old gasket to function optimally.

The muffler needed a lot of work! I cut the old dented parts off and used some thicker steel pipe and sheet metal to remake the muffler. I tried to design it so it was as close to original as I can get with the tools I have available to me. I am excited to hear what it sounds like.

In the next video I will work on the main powerhead and reassemble the whole saw so we can try and cut some wood!

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