Drift Trike Industrial Custom Motorized Drift Trikeby Alan Baum   5 years ago


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Drift Trike Industrial. This is a custom Drift Trike that I designed and built. You can build your own! The build plans are available at baumbuilds.com

The Drift Trike Industrial is a unique industrial look brought to the drift trike world. The trike is made from CNC cut sheet metal using a unique self-fixturing tab-in-slot design. All flat steel, there are no requirements for either sheet metal bends or tubing bends. You can build it yourself using my build plans if you have a welder, and just a few other basic tools. The Drift Trike Industrial is also available in various design themes, so there’s sure to be one to fit your style. The prototype you see here is the hexagon theme. When you buy the plans, you get the flat patterns to waterjet, plasma cut, or laser cut your own parts in the hexagon theme, or other themes, such as: circles, diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs.
The Drift Trike Industrial features an adjustable seat position, a cup holder, and a trailer hitch. These features cannot be found on any other drift trike. With the cup holder and hitch you can not only enjoy your favorite beverage while drifting, you can tow along a six pack behind you. But please, don’t drink and drift.
Build plans are only 20 dollars and are available through baumbuilds.com. For 20 bucks you get a 60 page pdf file along with the flat patterns in dxf format. The plans have over 125 full color photos, with exploded view drawings, complete parts list, supplier part numbers, helpful hints, and more. It makes a great scout project, or a father and son project! No snail mail—you receive them quickly via email. Build plans of my tracked vehicles are also available.
Thanks for watching and have fun building and riding your very own Drift Trike Industrial.