And I - Box Car Racer - Victor Olavarria (Drum Cover)by Victor Olavarria   5 years ago


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I do not own the copyright to this song. Box Car Racer- And I from the 2002 release Box Car Racer is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).

Here's another Box Car Racer song I really enjoy. I've always liked how Travis will take a marching inspired pattern and apply it to the drum set. The verses of this song are just one of many examples of him doing that. I've also always liked the ride pattern in the chorus, and how he changes it at the end. The tom beat in the bridge is classic Travis, however I altered it a little bit just for fun.

Recorded by Christopher Ghazel, filmed by Kamrin Dishman with assistance from Mikail Van Maren. Thanks to Anthony Ghazel and Christopher Ghazel for supplying the space and the pics.