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Rome wasn't built in a day - but it burned in one. Sheet music:
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Two Steps From Hell piano playlist:

Composed by Thomas Bergersen
Arranged and performed by Andrew Wrangell
Original Nero by Two Steps From Hell:

Nero is a classic track by Two Steps From Hell. Written by Thomas Bergersen, it was first featured in the industry-only album of the same name but was re-released with Archangel in 2011.

The piano is featured heavily in the original Nero track with flowing phrases of rising and falling notes.

I originally tried to play the glissandi one finger at a time but when I listened to the original I noticed the left hand and right hand weren't in sync towards the end, which made me realise it was just a run straight up the keyboard! That's the secret behind playing Nero.

I also recently finished Mike Duncan's "The History of Rome" podcast - all 191 20-minute episodes which I started in late 2014. It was really interesting and of course I heard about the emperor Nero and his ambitious building projects - large temples and so forth where the buildings used to be. So one has to wonder if it was opportunistic or intentional! Here is the podcast:

Thank you very much to my patrons who voted for Nero! This one has been anticipated for a while.

I will be in Finland until the end of July for the show "Kiteenarium", which is a production headed by Dean Kopri ( and some of the arrangements are my own. You can find out more about it here:
However new videos will still be coming out every week so you'll keep seeing new piano videos of Two Steps From Hell!

Full disclosure: I use some editing magic to make these videos as I don't have time to learn them thoroughly like I would for a concert performance!

Thomas Bergersen's tracks are my favourite trailer music without a doubt. The way he crafts this epic music is incredible and it's an absolute pleasure to arrange it for piano, it works so well! I try my best to get that big sound too!

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Please enjoy - NERO by Two Steps From Hell!

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