Mounting TG-1 HI-FLOW racing head to your H.F. Predator enginesby Mr. Midshipman   7 years ago



Torquing down your TG-1 Hi-flow head to 30 pounds foot pounds on your $99 Harbor Freight 212cc Black Predator Engines using Burris Racing studs and the cheaper black steel gasket that's as thin or thinner than the copper gaskets you pay 3 times as much and seem to leak anyway. Thus, giving you more compression, that translates to more Horsepower. Ask around, this is even to much Horsepower. It really is way more fun than my dirt bikes or Harley's. I seen your Man Cave to, Bo Jackson. I hear ya:)8 Thanks for showing us Bo Jackson. This is even more fun that building arrows. I got a bow and arrow video to.