Beyond - The song that exposes the truth about ADHD and Ritalinby ביונד - אמנים מאוחדים נגד סימום ילדים   8 years ago


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Beyond is unique song published by the Non-Profit organization "Beyond - United Artists Against Kids Drugging".

The song starts with a dialog in a psych clinic and shows the illogical sequence of how a kid is being prescribed with a psych drug.

The song expose the truth about ADHD and prescribing kids with Ritalin or other psych drugs.

The Pharmaceutical industry combined with Psychiatry are responsible for one of the biggest frauds in the field of mental health, by convincing the public that normal behavior of kids is actually a mental disorder.

This is not another conspiracy theory, the Pharmaceutical and Psychiatry deeds are based on financial considerations only just like any other business.

Today, the eduction system was lead to believe that ADHD is a real desease and that Ritalin is the "solution". This has made teachers, school counselors and headmasters to become Apathetic about their ability to educate, for real.

Labeling kids with invented unproved mental disorders and giving them addictive drugs as a result, is a crime against humanity.

Kids are the future of our civilization, without them, there is no future.

We are the people - we come to save them!

"Beyond - United Artists Against kids Drugging"