Danny's - Top Flite P-47 (.60 - .90) DLE 20cc Gasoline Conversion Re-Maidenby dbronst3790   8 years ago


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Had a Thunder Tiger .91 four-stroke. See build log for details: http://electricdan.wordpress.com/top-flite-p-47d-build-log-coming-soon/

The re-maiden flight had a few issues, but once in the air and trimmed if flew great and the DLE 20 ran perfectly.

The new air retracts didn't want to come up completely so I left them down, subsequent flights I had no problem with them. I had damaged the tail wheel in a prior crash when the elevator servo went out and I wasn't aware that it was free-wheeling and causing it to not run straight and true like it always does, and I was way out of trim on the elevator which almost put me into the ground on take off! Don't cha just love maidens?