Using CW Player Free Software to Train Your Morse Code Receptionby arrieweb   6 years ago


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You don't need partner to send You Morse Code tone in training. CW Player download link: . The main principle: if You like to master something, You have to like "the matter (Morse Code)", so You are going to learn without pressure, but with full of enjoyment.

To help You memorize whole Codes: Myself using Visual Mnemonic technique to ease. If You are beginner, then try to start with Low Speed, and try to increase the speed from time to time.

Receiving Morse Code is a matter of intelligence and concentration also, so You have to be in relax situation and fit with your body (with good brain nutritions: protein, etc.). Memorizing the codes would be helped by practicing a lot.

If You are ready to master higher speed, then several tips could be applied:
1. All of Amateur Radio abbreviated Morse Code, developed from English, eg. GL is abbreviation of Good Luck, CQ is abbreviation of Seek You, DE is abbreviation of This Is. So try to master English language, so that English becomes reflex on Your mind, thus reflexing Your mind if hearing abbreviated CW Codes.
2. Try to get by Your ear exactly what is keyed by the other side, then rapidly try to pronounce whisperly, eg.: A = .- pronounced as didah (not ditdah to ease pronounciation).
3. After You "whisperly pronounce" that code, then use Your "mnemonic" to translate into alphabet, number, or sign, then try to "arrange the spelling", eg. don't take in Your mind: A L A B A M A, but better: A AL ALA ALAB ALABA ALABAM ALABAMA (this kind of spelling would increase reflex).
4. Morse Code utilization mostly at communication with ordinary language (plain text). At this kind of communication, the last alphabets could be predicted before keying ended, eg. We already gotten: MY STATE IS ALAB ??? . So if You clever enough, You could suddenly "guess the rest", which is MY STATE IS ALABAMA. What You need to do this "educated guess", is You have to have a lot of knowledge about the whole World (geography, names, radio brands, antenna types, countries callsigns, etc.). So try to increase Your knowledge about whole World to increase Your Morse perception.
5. To increase Your concentration, better You use headphone.
6. At hearing Morse tone, try to set the pitch not too high (treble) that would pain Your ear. To make You convenience and relax with the tones, better to set Morse tone to be between Medium and Bass ranges (considering audible tones are Bass, Medium, and Treble).
7. To keep You healthy, then don't open up volume too high that could break Your hearing.
8. To increase Your hearing, then better if You regularly clean Your ear with safe apparatus.

Thank You very much for watching. By Roosdiarto Rooskandar, ST., YF1CRR, Lecturer at Teknik Elektro / Electronic & Electrical Engineering Department, Sekolah Tinggi Sains dan Teknologi Indonesia (ST-INTEN).