1930s Electric Shear [Restoration]by Hand Tool Rescue   2 months ago


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This restoration is on a 1930s Stanley "Fish-mouth" Unishear. This model is number 16A and is made to cut steel up to 16 gauge, but is over-powered and can do much more!

This tool was sent to me by a viewer and arrived with rust that seemed to be fairly recent. It was also filled with mud wasp nests, which is something I rarely see in tools since I live in the frozen tundra. The shear is almost entirely aluminum with only a select few hardened steel parts. The motor cleaned up well, but one of these days I would really like to do a proper electric motor restoration where I rewind it all and have it dipped in lacquer.

Apparently this tool needs an infinite supply of oil to function well, so I replaced the bearings with sealed ones in case I forget to oil it one time. It was missing an oil cap for one of its bearings, which was easily made and replaced. I also replaced all the screws in the handle with brass ones, just because I like to shear in style.

I hope to use this around the shop to help me with some sheet-metal work for future restorations.

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