Elder Scrolls Online Game-play for Parents!by Robyn Rishani   6 years ago


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I love this game and have made this for all PARENTS out there who have teens that play Elder Scrolls Online and would like to know what it's all about. This is a really basic run down of ESO and what it is and some basic game-play. For all players out there who like to hide behind their monitors and troll, let me do the trolling for you..."OMG Fangtasia, what a lame name", "couldn't you think of something original?", "man your accent is annoying", "jeez lady, you've got is all wrong", "ESO isn't for females, get back in the kitchen", This is soo boring!" "OMG you're a crap healer" to that last one...yes I know, hence why I said it in the video.