How to Respond to Cops at a TRAFFIC STOP!by Gavin Seim   4 years ago


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There is no war on police. There is a war on liberty!
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Police experience less job death than they have in decades. But execution of innocent civilians is rising like a wildfire. There's a war on Liberty and we to stand bold AND principled. Recently Lake Charles Police Department made a video telling people how to respond at traffic stops, saying to do whatever THEY say. I decided to should make a video with actual facts. You can leave your own tips in the comments. Watch what they said in this video:

You can also watch most of the real world example of myself dealing with cops that I used in this video:
-- Gavin Pulls Over Cop -
-- Boise Police Encounter Gavin -
-- Cop runs from Gavin, he gives chase -
-- The 4th video from the stop in Ritzville is not online yet.

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