ACER Aspire One D260/D255 Upgradeby A-SRC Entertainment   8 years ago


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Tutorial about Replacement of Hard Disk and Memory (RAM)

Shown on ACER Aspire One D260

Production of A-SRC Entertainment


- It is not necessary to disconnect the keyboard. You can leave it for RAM-Displacement

- Use the official sites of manufacturers. There you'll find special configurators, that will find a suitable RAM for your machine

- DDR2 memory will NOT work on DDR3 machine and backwards

- You can upgrade your HDD and replace it with SDD. This way will increase the the boot up and working speed, and save the battery.

- The default HardwareDetection from Acer might not work properly

- Be careful when you install the Driver for you TouchPad. Some Drivers on the ACER Website are not listed. You netbook D260 might have a Touchpad by "Synaptics".

- You can connect your Hard Disk to your Desktop PC using S-ATA connection cable.