1920s Power Hammer [Restoration] (Part 1)by Hand Tool Rescue   11 months ago


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This is a tool restoration I have been wanting to do for a while! It is a A. B. Jardine & Co. power / trip hammer from around the 1920s. These were called "Canadian Giant" hammers as they closely resemble the "Little Giant" hammers made by a different company.

Out of the two models they made, this specific hammer is the 25lb model vs the 50lb model. This hammer was $150 in 1915, so it puts the value at almost $4000 USD in 2018 dollars!

I picked this up locally about a year ago with plans to restore it once I had the space. In this video, I take everything apart and inspect all bearing surfaces. The babbitt bearings are in fantastic condition and must have been re-poured at some point recently in its life. The other moving parts of the hammer are not in good condition. Many parts have been poorly welded back together and every single hole is worn out. In the next video I will repair all these pieces and add bronze bushings to all the holes so this machine is safe to use again. Even the die blocks need replacing as I cannot trust the welds to hold.

You can actually still buy new parts for these hammers since they are so similar to "Littie Giant" hammers, but the parts are quite expensive.

I am definitely excited to see this thing running, but I do plan on selling this hammer, since I have found an even larger one!

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