BARREL LIFE IS HARD - Gmod Suicide Barrels w/Nova, Immortal & Kevin Ep.1by UberHaxorNova   6 years ago


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Here we find the land filled with barrels, barrels that seemingly only have 1 mission... to take over the humans. 1 by 1 the humans fall and convert to the barrel life, learning to explode at will and scream like minions from despicable me. Will the humans be able to stand up and fight for their race or will they fall to the barrels and be forced to convert?


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How it's played:
At the start of the game one player is chosen at random to become a explosive barrel. Every human you explode gets team barrels another teammate. Once all humans are destroyed, barrels win! As a human, you're equipped with a pea shooter. Keep an eye out for enemy barrels among the hundreds of fake barrels and shoot on sight... Just don't let the barrels get to close. If humans last three minutes, humans win!