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Thank you to the King of Kings for the gift we celebrate as Christmas. I hope you enjoy this little mail time segment and that you had a great Christmas.

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I've been wanting to do a "mail time" episode for a long time to acknowledge the people who have sent us gifts over the years and I've just never really figured out how to do it right so here goes a first attempt with some packages we recently received. I'll do more mail time videos later on.

This bee tree trap out was done for the payment of a couple of popsicles. I think it was a fair trade. What do you think? How this all came about was my new friend Pete lives down the street from the little lady who had the bee problem. He helps out a lot of the people in the neighborhood who can't do for themselves. When he heard about the bees in the tree he knew just who to call. He had been following the channel for a while and knew I could handle the job.

Initially I just went by to inspect and advise but after meeting the sweetheart little old lady that kept me fueled on popsicles I couldn't give bad news and just drive away. This whole job took about six or seven hours and after making a new queen they were off and running and made a decent bunch of bees.

Big thanks to:

Hornbaker Acres for the custom Christmas ornaments and the home made lip balm.

Douglas Cotton for the home made Canadian creamed honey.

Wilf and Pauline at Waltzing Bees Apiary in Strattford Ontario Canada for the cards, custom coffee mugs, lemon grass oil and honey.

Sam Gropler at Pop's Shack for the cut comb honey.

Music is from Epidemic Sound