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Beginner or savvy Apple Watch user, this Complete How-To Guide to the Apple Watch is for you. This video tutorial covers all areas of the Apple Watch, including all the Series 3 cellular features. Need to know just a certain aspect of the Apple Watch? We have a time denoted Quick Jump Guide so you can easily go right to what you want to learn.

This How-To Guide covers: Basics of the Apple Watch, Watch Faces, Settings, Notifications & Control Center, Watch Apps, Phone Calls, Wallet & Apple Pay, Activity, Workout, Heart Rate and the Watch App on iPhone. We got you covered! Enjoy your Apple Watch and know how everything functions. ;0

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Activity App:

Quick Jump Guide:

00:53 – Section 1: Basics of Apple Watch
Digital Crown, Side Button, App Home Page, Grid vs. List View, App Dock, Bands, Back of the Watch Features, Charging Watch, Nightstand Mode

09:40 – Section 2: Watch Faces
My Faces, Changing the Watch Face, Customizing Watch Faces, Complications, Changing Complications

16:05 – Section 3: Settings
Time, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Cellular, DND, General (About, Orientation, Wake Screen, Nightstand, Location Services, Accessibility, Siri, Workout, Regulatory Info, Reset) Brightness & Text Size, Sounds & Haptics, Passcode

23:21 – Section 4: Notifications & Control Center
Notifications - Mirror iPhone, Going into Notification, Dismiss Notification, Clear All
Control Center - Cellular, WiFi, Airplane Mode, Battery Life, Ping iPhone, Flashlight, DND, Ringer, Theater Mode, Water Release, Water Resistant, Airplay

29:19 – Section 5: Watch Apps
Messages - Preset Reply Sayings, Dictation Reply, Scribble Reply, Emojis, stickers, Digital Touch, Hand off
Mail – Inboxes, Messages, Replying
Timer, Alarm, Stopwatch – Using Siri, Preset Timer, Custom Timer, Adding Alarm, Turning on Alarms, Race Timing, Laps
Calendar – Month View, Today, Force Touch (Up Next, List, Today), Siri to Make New Event
Maps – Using with iPhone, Turn by Turn Haptics, Directions, Location, Search, Suggested Locations, Dictating Address, Using Contacts for Address, Nearby
News App – Top Stories, Save for Later
Camera – Remote Photo Taking, Take Steady Pics
Music App – Music Controls, Shuffle All, Library, Playlists and Recents, Using Bluetooth Headphones, Download Music to Watch
Photos App – Favorites, Zoom In, Make Watch Face
3Rd Party Apps – Explore Options

47:50 – Section 6: Phone Calls
Cellular, Using Bluetooth Headphones, Handoff to iPhone, Making a Call, Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad, Voicemail, Receiving Calls, Using Siri to Make Calls

50:18 – Section 7: Wallet & Apple Pay
Wallet – Credit Cards, Boarding Passes, Coupons, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Tickets
Apple Pay – Double Click Side Button, Select Card, Hold Near Reader to Pay

52:17 – Section 8: Activity, Workout & Heart rate
Activity App – Great Motivator, Activity Rings, Move Ring, Exercise Ring, Stand (or Roll) Ring, Activity Notifications, Sharing Activity with Friends
Workout App – Workout types, Start a Workout, Setting Workout parameters, Workout Stats, Music Controls, Pausing Workout, Water Lock, End Workout, Workout Summary, Using Siri for Workouts
Heart Rate App – Current Heart Rate, Resting Rate, Walking Average, Workout Rate, Recovery Rate

1:02:46 – Section 9: Watch App on iPhone
My Watch tab – Search, Apple Watch Specs, My Faces, Complications, Notifications, App Layout, Dock, General, Cellular, Brightness & Text Size, Sounds & Haptics, Passcode, Privacy, Nike+ Run Club, Core Apps, 3rd Party Apps, Installing (or uninstalling) Apps on Watch
Face Gallery – All Versions of a Face, Adding New Faces to My Faces
Apple Watch App Store – Apps Available for Watch
Search – Search Apple Watch Store

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