Two-Man Chainsaw - Bar & Chain [Restoration]by Hand Tool Rescue   10 months ago


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The time has come for this chainsaw restoration. This specific saw restoration is for me and I have been wanting to get to this tool for a long time. I started the disassembly in November 2018 and had to wait a while for some rare parts to arrive. This chainsaw is a McCulloch 99 two-man chainsaw made in 1954. The engine is 161cc and the powerhead alone is 51lbs making it one of the largest production chainsaws ever.

In this video I focus on the bar, chain, and gearbox. Everything had rust and dirt removed and painted parts got 3 coats of yellow enamel and 2 coats of a 2K clear paint for gas and oil resistance. McCulloch chainsaws had very inconsistent yellow colours, so I tried to match the colour of this specific saw the best I could. The gear box was in fantastic condition and did not need much work at all whereas the bar and magnesium castings needed much more love. I sharpened the chain back to an aggressive 35 degree angle because I am sure the saw can handle it.

I was surprised to notice that this model saw does not have a screw adjustment for tensioning the chain. I am not sure if this will cause issues when cutting and I will die.

In the next video I will work on the completely destroyed muffler and the unique and complicated carburetor.

In the final video I will work on the powerhead and hopefully cut some wood!

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