The Fate of Barn Find Jag?by Julius Abellera   6 years ago


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Dear Friend 96 yrs of age original owner of 1966 Jag E-Type 4.2 last titled 5/1978 been sitting in drive way along side her house 10+ yrs since husband's passing. For several years she simply wanted access to her back yard and wanted Jag gone in the worse way.

Informed she was preparing to call junk dealer to remove it for $100 suggested to her because it was a complete unmodified original with straight body panels and no cancerous rust issues all headlights/lenses in tack Jag as it set had value either for someone with the means to restore or at the least part it out, didn't matter to her at this point just wanted it gone.

Posted Barn Find Jag on various British Car Forums lots of lookers no contacts, emailed Bring A Trailer no response contemplated craigslist/ebay but was deciding whether or not I wanted to give my time to the task, contact/showing and so forth.

Rather it went to an enthusiast vs car chaser/dealer type but that was secondary to seeing her finally getting her wish while still on this planet, so while watching video I previously recorded at Woodley Park, Ca All-British Field Meet saw rig pulling trailer in line at entrance got contact info called spoke with owner on a Wednesday sent pics taken earlier rec'd call saying they'd pay $2000 send a trailer Friday.

Ran it across the owner she was estactic of the offer again assured her it was worth more just give more time to advertise she wasn't having it. Returned call to restorer agreed to offer, was there with her watching, sensing the anxiety she was experiencing, smiling one moment consumed another in memories from the good days in the Jag the elation and satisfaction at the end, Jag was finally out of her yard & she got a lil' something for her decision, simply priceless! Another one saved from the junk yard/crusher.

Thinking being a LBC owner all those years even at 96 yrs of age she still had British Iron in her blood and would like a ride in something British so drove my TR6 to her place once Jag was on trailer her comment it doesn't look that bad the headlights seem to be shiny, quickly replied that's that "I don't want it to go feeling" you have to give up something to experience something. Then said let's wash up & I'll take you to your bank after that, my treat, let's celebrate by riding to Baskin Robbins for a ice cream cone, she said in your little car replied absolutely that's why I drove it over here that was the 2nd biggest smile of the day.

Mid-afternoon by then in the Inland Empire heat was on so top was up, two blocks from her home I leaned over to roll up her window, asking is that too much wind her reply Oh! No! I Love the feel of the sun & wind blowing in my face & hair that increased the smile on both our faces so off we went to Baskin Robbins the entire trip she'd reach out and touch the wood dash, door pads, the dash crash pads, door/window handles inquiring about the exhaust sound why I chose shifter instead of automatic my reply as you're remembering there's absolutely nothing like British the sound/feel/smell and these only came with 4 spd.

Don't recall her ever stop smiling as one moment she'd sit up as though to peer out the windscreen the next she'd sit back head against the headrest obvious to me she was reliving her personal British Iron memories, the ride in the 6 was therapy/closure to departure with her Jag as she absorbed the entire experience of the ride in British Iron after all those years.

Somewhere along the way we both realized Lucas (Prince of Darkness) picked us for that magical moment, just over an hour crusin' we arrived back at her home (of course each time she entered/exited my TR6 I was there to open/close passenger door took her hand when she was entering/exiting) she said that was Wonderful, such a Happy Day showered me with Thank You's & a Big Hug as she opened her front door she said I'm going to go take a nap PRICELESS!

Drove off in my TR6 feeling pretty special! There for someone with a need and helping them achieve a resolution & new life for LBC (Little British Car)